Scania Newsroom

  1. Norwegian wholesaler ASKO is deploying two battery electric Scania distribution trucks in its operations in Oslo, Norway. This pilot marks another milestone in the cooperation regarding electrified solutions for heavy transport between Scania and ASKO.
  2. Markus Forsberg is more adept than most in mastering steep Alpine roads. It’s his third season at the helm of the Swedish cross-country skiing team’s Scania waxing trailer, and he safely manoeuvres the 16.5-metre truck and trailer combination through serpentine roads with hairpin curves to reach competition locations.
  3. Innovative Chilean project sees detection device attached to customer’s Scania truck.
  4. Autonomous vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems need robust and precise positioning to enable reliable operations. This is especially important in the early transitional phase of the technology, when other vehicles around it will not be automated.  The Galileo global navigation satellite system, in combination with other positioning and sensor technologies, is the answer to... Read more »
  5. New universal search engine that uses the latest artificial intelligence technology means that Scania workshops solve vehicle issues quicker.